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Vardenafil HCL – The Best Treatment for Male Sexual Impotence

Male sexual impotence is not having the ability to have penile erection which is used for sexual intercourse.  The reason why men cannot have sexual intercourse when their penis does not get hard is that it does not have the strength for vaginal penetration.  Male sexual impotence is also known as erectile dysfunction (ED).

There are actually three types of erectile dysfunction in terms of severity.  The first is the total inability to show any type of erection, the second one has the ability to gain penile erection but not long enough to last the duration of a sexual intercourse, and the third is the ability to gain penile erection but not hard or stiff enough to permit vaginal penetration. Continue reading “Vardenafil HCL – The Best Treatment for Male Sexual Impotence” »

Vardenafil – Helping You with Your ED Problem

Erectile dysfunction or simply ED is a worst case scenario for every man who is sexually active.  This is because if they have the ED condition, they will not be able to successfully perform sexual intercourse with their partners as their penis does not become hard enough or does not have enough strength to permit vaginal penetration.  This in essence practically makes them less of a man than they used to be.

The truth is no man will ever be proud that he has erectile dysfunction.  Most men that have this condition are embarrassed about it and some will not even tell a soul that they have it as they are really truly ashamed of it.  There are even times that such a condition changes a man’s attitude as he either becomes shy when it comes to sexual relationships, or he becomes rather violent over simple things. Continue reading “Vardenafil – Helping You with Your ED Problem” »