Avoid Confusion and Learn about Finasteride Dosage

People who are used to taking branded finasteride normally know just the brand name of the drug.  However, when it comes down to buying their generic counterparts, they usually get confused because there are two drugs that are only differentiated by their finasteride dosage.  Normally, if you buy branded treatment medications for benign prostatic hyperplasia, you buy Proscar.  On the other hand, if you are treating male pattern baldness, you buy Propecia.  The problem arises when you buy their generic counterparts as both are named finasteride with their difference only in the finasteride dosage.

The truth is both of the finasteride dosage for treating benign prostatic hyperplasia and male pattern baldness are made using the same ingredients with the only difference found in their finasteride dosage.  But since regular dosing of these drugs, particularly in branded form can become very costly.  This leads most users to switch to generic medications so that they are able to get the most treatment out of their money.  In order not to get confused, you need to remember that the higher finasteride dosage, finasteride 5mg, is the derivative of Proscar and is meant for treating benign prostatic hyperplasia.  The lower finasteride dosage, finasteride 1mg, is the derivative of Propecia and is meant for treating male pattern baldness.

There is actually a logical reason why the generic name of both treatment medications is named finasteride with the only difference being in their finasteride dosage.  This is because when the pharmaceutical company Merck was developing the drug, they were only developing it for the treatment of the prostate enlargement condition.  However, it was later found out that the drug they developed also had the capacity to treat androgenic alopecia, but under different finasteride dosage.  Merck was curious about the beneficial side effect of the drug they have developed and performed their own research.  It was then that they learned that the finasteride dosage for treating prostate enlargement was 5mg and the finasteride dosage for treating androgenic alopecia was 1mg.

When buying generic medications, it is important that you remember the different finasteride dosage, most especially, the finasteride dosage that you need.  This actually helps a great deal from not overdosing or under dosing from the condition you want to treat.

Buying generic finasteride medications means you are a person who wants save money from medications that have the exact same effect.  But if you are serious in saving more money from buying your particular finasteride dosage, you would want to consider buying your finasteride dosage online.  Online merchants are able to offer their products at much cheaper prices than that of physical stores.  Simply put, physical stores cannot really match the low prices that online shops can offer.  If you are interested in getting more savings, buying your finasteride dosage in bulk from the online shop you will be making your purchase will make the prices per dose of the drug you are buying go even lower.  This is exactly the reason why you will find a lot of men who use either dose of finasteride buy their treatment medications online because through this purchasing medium, they are able to get the most out of their money.