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The Breaststroke: Add It to Your Workouts

The breaststroke is a beautiful and graceful stroke, but is also very complicated. Once you get it down it is a great addition to your workout, as it can be very restful but also very high intensity. While most of the strokes involved a complicated upper-body pull and most of the power of the stoke comes from the arms, the breaststroke utilizes the legs much more. The complication for this stroke comes from the timing of the pull and the kick. We will get into that in more detail later.
There are many different theories involved in how to swim the breaststroke. Most of them are involved with the competitive swimmer. The stroke I’m going to describe is for the recreation swimmer who just wants to add a bit more to their workout. If you are a highly competitive swimmer I recommend that you work with your coach on developing the stroke that works best for you.

Breaststroke pull looks nice and gentle — much like the makeup commercials you see where the person never puts her head in the water. It is really much more complicated than that. The pull starts with the arms outstretched while the body is face down. The hands should be together one on top of the other. The pull starts with an outward downward diagonal motion. Hands will end up slightly outside of the shoulders with elbows just short of a 90-degree bend. The shoulders will have rotated forward a bit as well. It is important to think of leaving the elbows high and not dropping them to your side. This is a common mistake. By dropping the elbows you lose all of the power you have gained. It is called “slipping.” Now you want to take your elbows, which are still in front of your body, squeeze the elbows, forearms and hands together. Almost like you are praying. The next step is to push those hands forward keeping the arms together. It is important to stretch out as long as you can — reaching for that wall. A good visualization of the pull is that you are making a heart in the water.

Remember that you will not get a lot of power out of this pull, so if you are practicing it without the legs use a pull buoy to help you keep your balance and body position. It will take a while to get down to the end of the pool. With all aspects of the breaststroke there is a power phase and a recovery/preparation phase. You want to make sure that your pull is in the power phase when your kick is in the preparation phase, and your kick is in the power phase when your pull is in the recovery phase. It makes more sense when you are in the pool. Continue reading “The Breaststroke: Add It to Your Workouts” »

HGH Supplements Are Undeniably The Best Health Supplement

Health is a very important part of our life.  Without it, we will have to spend most of our life at home or even in the hospital.  To be healthy, you need to stay fit by eating healthy, exercising, and drinking health supplements like HGH supplements.  Although HGH supplements are actually hormonal supplements in nature, it is still widely accepted as a dietary health supplement because of the many health benefits that it offers the body.

Basically, it is not the HGH supplements that will provide you with the health benefits but the added growth hormones released by taking HGH supplements.  Growth Hormones (GH) are the hormones responsible for the growth and development of the body.  Aside from this though, they also possess and provide the body with many health benefits once they are at peak production levels.  This benefit will include better memory and focus, better strength and stamina, added resilience against disease and infection due to increased immune system function, ability to recover from injury and sickness much faster, and cell regeneration which is responsible for making HGH supplements looking and feeling young.

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What is the Best HGH Treatment?

HGH products have raved into the market these days due to their promising benefits, especially for bodybuilders and athletes. More and more have become so curious and desperate to experience the amazing effects of these hormones as an anti-aging and performance enhancer substance. However, with so many products available over the internet, you may wonder which of them actually works best in terms of quality and effects.

HGH products come in many forms. These hormones can be taken through injection, oral spray, or supplements. Each of these products has their own benefits as well as drawbacks, although they all provide almost the same benefits. Depending on your needs as well as budget, the choice about which of these work best for you will depend on your own standard and criteria.

Most athletes and bodybuilders usually choose synthetic growth hormones since they believe that these products have faster and more effective results. The claims are actually true because synthetic hormones are directly injected into the blood stream, unlike the oral HGH products which goes through the digestive track. But knowing that these products are synthetic, you may have to risk your health in exchange of its tantalizing benefits. Studies have been conducted to understand the potential risks that a user may acquire when taking injectable growth hormones, especially for long term usage. Some experts believe that the product may cause acromelagy, abnormal functions of the thyroid and liver, diabetes, and increase the risk of cancer. Continue reading “What is the Best HGH Treatment?” »

Primate Power! The Curious Kung Fu of the Monkey

Animal mimicry has traditionally played a significant role in many kung fu styles. The tiger, crane, mantis and eagle have given the inspiration to fighting theory for centuries. And few styles are as unusual as Tai Sing Mun — Monkey style kung fu. Read on for more insight into the ferocious and unorthodox fighting methods of the monkey!

The Making of the Monkey

The history of today’s monkey style kung fu has its roots in the Northern provinces of China during the 16th century. Popular legend says that the founder of monkey style was a man named Kou Sze, a good fighter with a hot temper. Kou Sze was the head of an armed escort service. During the execution of his services, he helped three young men escape army conscription, injuring several guards in the process. He was immediately arrested and imprisoned for eight years. Supposedly, the prison that held Kou Sze had two sets of gates. The first was guarded by a group of domesticated monkeys. The second gate by human prison guards working for the state. To successfully escape from the prison, one would have to make it past the monkeys first — then the official prison guards. But the guards led an uneventful professional life, as the vicious monkeys would often maim the potential runaways quite badly. Kou Sze would observe the actions of these unusual guards with great interest, observing both their combative interactions with each other — as well as the monkey’s vicious attacks on would-be prison escapees. When Kou Sze had paid his debt to society, he began developing a kung fu style patterned after the ways of the monkey. And so began the study of Tai Sing kung fu. Continue reading “Primate Power! The Curious Kung Fu of the Monkey” »