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Take Cipro Dosage For Urinary Tract Infections

A urinary tract infection is a kind of ailment caused by some bacteria that causes an infection in the urinary tract or in the bladder. Our bladder is basically germ free or sterile; it comes to a point that some harmful organisms like the bacteria reach our organ and causes some complications in our body. The most common way for bacteria to get into the bladder is through the urethra that is why most of the infections of the urinary tract occur in sexually active women because they are more open for bacterial attacks. Cases of urinary tract infections in men are far fewer compared to women.

Also, pregnant women are more prone to have urinary tract infections in which we can also relate it also to the occurrence of yeast or vaginal yeast infections in most pregnant women. The main causes of urinary tract infections have not change significantly for the last decade. The E.coli or the Escherichia coli still is the number one cause of UTI followed by the Staphylococcus saprophyticus. The therapy that is commonly used by experts for the treatment of urinary tract infections is the trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole.  Doctors and healthcare providers usually give a Cipro dosage for patients with UTI. Continue reading “Take Cipro Dosage For Urinary Tract Infections” »