Finasteride 1mg Generic – the Dos and Don’ts

Hair is our crowning glory. Although most of the time we see more women going to hair salons, men are also as hair conscious as women. That is why hair care products are very common for both men and women. However when hair loss strikes, the condition can be devastating for both genders. Also known as alopecia, this condition is common at all ages. There are many reasons for hair loss; however they can be very different between men and women. This is why hair loss treatments are also different for both genders because each has different needs. For men, alopecia is a very common hair loss condition and generally strikes men at all ages; men who have male family members who were bald are most likely to get bald as well. Some factors like stress, chemicals, medical problems, and drug intake can cause hair loss, the alopecia condition in men is generally hormonal in nature. This is why hair care products almost does not work for men having alopecia or male pattern baldness. Only two drugs have been well known as very effective for this case of hair loss – minoxidil and finasteride 1mg generic. Among the two, finasteride 1mg generic is the most prescribed as hair loss treatment.


Finasteride 1mg generic deals with alopecia by simply inhibiting the enzymes that were responsible for the condition. Normally, men are gifted with testosterone. These hormones are very important for various functions in a man’s body. Overtime, alpha-reductase enzymes convert these male hormones into dihydrotestosterone or DHT. These by-products of testosterone are normal and safe. However too much of it can have some consequences in a man’s health, including hair loss and prostate enlargement. Finasteride 1mg generic works by simply preventing the conversion from happening. This is why aside from hair loss, finasteride 1mg generic has also been used as treatment for prostate enlargement or benign prostatic hyperplasia.


When you decide to take finasteride 1mg generic, you should know first the proper indications of the drugs as well as determine if you are qualified for taking this drug. Being qualified means that taking the medication will have no contraindications.


Finasteride 1mg generic is a medication intended to cure hair loss for men only; women and children are not qualified to take this drug due to potential side effects. If you are having other health issues, it is very important that you talk to your doctor first before you start taking finasteride 1mg generic; this hair loss drug may have interactions with other medications you are taking. Follow the prescriptions given to you by your doctor. Never take finasteride 1mg generic in excessive dosage which is outside of your prescription. If you need to change your dosage, you should talk to your doctor first. Lastly, it is generally normal to have side effects when you are a first time user of finasteride 1mg generic. If you think your symptoms are not tolerable, then you should stop taking finasteride 1mg generic and call your doctor right away.