Simple Things You Need to Know About Generic Tadalafil

Erectile dysfunction is the misery of all men, particularly for those who are happily active in their sexual life.  This is because once a man gets this very depressing condition, he will no longer have the penile strength the will permit vaginal penetration that is needed during sexual intercourse.  Perhaps, one of the more debilitating aspects that this condition brings is that men lose their self-confidence, particularly when it comes to the subject of sex.  In fact, a lot of men are so ashamed and embarrassed about their condition that they do not even have the courage to visit a medical professional for a checkup in order to see what is causing the condition for them.  The reason, well, they are afraid of the humiliation this condition brings.  This is because what makes them a man is no longer functioning.

The truth is erectile dysfunction affects more than a hundred million men all over the world.  This number simply goes to show that this condition is not a rare one.  In fact, there are a lot of reasons as to why a man would have erectile issues in the first place.  Doctors and scientists simply classify them as either physical or psychological.  The psychological ED condition is mostly in the mind of the person.  Depression, guilt, and sadness may not allow them to have an erection.  However, once this is all over, they will automatically recover from the condition.  The physical aspect of ED is much worse is it entails physical reasons. This would include diseases, medical reasons, surgical reasons, medication related, use of prohibited drugs, and many more.

For men who have ED these days, it is somewhat fortunate for them to be born in an era where there is a treatment for their penile erection issues.  The treatment is through the use of PDE5 inhibitor drugs.  One of the popular PDE5 inhibitor drugs is called generic tadalafil.  This is actually the generic version of the brand call Cialis.  What makes generic tadalafil so popular among men with ED is that its duration of action is 36 hours.  This means that within 36 hours, a man can have sexual intercourse as many times as he can.  Unlike other ED drugs that only have 4-10 hours of effective duration wherein the man can only gain an erection within those times, generic tadalafil offers a much wider time.  Additionally, since these ED medications can only be taken once per day, generic tadalafil offers you a wider range of lovemaking scenarios not limited within the active duration of other ED drugs.

When you take generic tadalafil, it does not mean you will get an erection by taking it.  You still need to be sexually stimulated before gaining penile erection.  Normally, an erection can be gained through imagination, sight, or touch.  Men with ED are unable to have an erection even with the presence of those three.  However, when they take erectile dysfunction treatment drugs like generic tadalafil, any of the three sexual stimulations mentioned can trigger an erection.  This is actually what makes ED drugs like generic tadalafil great.