Take Sildenafil Over the Counter for Issues of Erectile Dysfunction

Do you have issues related to erectile dysfunction? While there are some men who would immediately visit their doctor for a checkup of their virility, there are still many men who would rather check it out first by “Googling” it and do a self-diagnosis.  The thing is, with the easy accessibility of information these days thanks to the power of the Internet, we tend to try and figure out each and every health issue we think that we are currently encountering.  For instance, if we are experiencing a bout of flu, we simply search online on ways how to remedy it using either medicine or other methods, or we can just simply go to the local pharmacy store and ask if there is any over the counter drug for our flu. The same thing goes for men who are unfortunate enough to have erectile dysfunction issues – the least they can do is to find an online pharmacy that offers them sildenafil over the counter drugs to help them with their problem.

The simplest and probably the cheapest way to battle erectile dysfunction is to purchase sildenafil over the counter medication.  The sildenafil over the counter drug was mainly created for the purpose of treating erectile dysfunction in males.  Today, sildenafil over the counter is deemed as the customary treatment for erectile dysfunction, and it is safe enough for use in patients who happen to have both erectile dysfunction and diabetes.  Being an over-the-counter drug makes it less troublesome to acquire.

In some circumstances, sildenafil over the counter medicine may be used for the treatment and as a preventative measure for those who have pulmonary edema related to high-altitude sickness, which is commonly a dilemma experienced by mountain climbing enthusiasts.

Patients who have been under antidepressant medicines tend to experience some sexual dysfunction, including erectile dysfunction, which can stem either from their treatment results or it has emerged due to their illness. There was a study conducted back in 2003 that the use of sildenafil over the counter medicines have markedly improved the sexual function of the men who are under antidepressant medication or who have been depressed.  A follow up study done on females (in 1999) who have depression and are under antidepressants showed that after they were given sildenafil over the counter meds, their sexual function improved significantly.

If you are taking protease inhibitors for HIV treatment, then you must exercise extreme caution if you are to take sildenafil as well since protease inhibitors “inhibit” or stop sildenafil’s metabolism. This is turn multiplies the levels of sildenafil in the human plasma, thereby increasing the occurrence and seriousness of its side effects.  If you are taking some protease inhibitors, you are allowed to take at most just one 25-mg dose within a period of 48 hours.  Other drugs that also have a similar effect to protease inhibitors include cimetidine and erythromycin.

Know that taking an alpha blocker and sildenafil can result to a very low blood pressure; however, this incidence does not happen if the two drugs are taken at about 4 hours separately.