Using Tadacip for Erectile Dysfunction

Tadacip is a generic form of Cialis and it is designed specifically to counter the effect of erectile dysfunction (ED).  Generic ED drugs like tadacip are widely gaining popularity these days because they have been proven to be very effective in treating male impotence.  Even though they – tadacip – are generic ED medications, since tadacip possess every bit of active ingredients that their branded counterparts possess, it makes them very effective in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Tadacip is effective in treating erection impairment because its main function is to increase blood flow into the penis.  Once the cavities get filled with blood, the penis begins to swell and thus an erection is produced.  This method of producing an erection is actually what many ED treatment drugs take advantage of.  Even though rival drug makers use different active ingredients to achieve it, it still inevitably produces the same effect.  All drugs that use this method of achieving penile erection are classified as PDE5 inhibitor drugs.

The main reason as to why tadacip is very effective in providing men with erectile impairments the erection they need to have sex is that it selectively acts on smooth muscles covering the penis.  When you get sexually stimulated, this smooth muscle relaxes and then allows blood to enter the corpus cavernosum.  Once you are no longer sexually aroused, the penis begins to become limp again.  Different ED drugs have different effect time.  The longer the effect time of the drug is, the more capacity you have within that certain time to produce an erection.  The drug that has the longest effect time is Cialis and since tadacip is a generic version of Cialis, tadacip too possesses the long 36 hours of effect time that Cialis has.  This is why tadacip has now become widely accepted and also highly sought after.

Having a long effect time like tadacip is actually a good thing for many.  Since men who use tadacip have erection impairments, tadacip usage gives them back that feeling of having normal erectile function.  Any PDE5 inhibitor drug can only be taken once per day in order to avoid any serious side effects.  However, most rival drugs can only provide 4-10 hours of effect whereas tadacip can give you 36 hours.  But since you can take tadacip once per day, even though the effect of the previous dose of tadacip is still in effect, taking tadacip allows you to have that normal-like erectile function as if you did not have that erectile condition at all.  This is the very reason why many like to use tadacip because tadacip gives them that sense of having normal penile function that they once had.

If you are suffering from ED, there is really no reason why you should not use tadacip as tadacip is now widely popular and that tadacip is very safe to take.  All PDE5 inhibitors carry the same type of side effects and tadacip is no different.  So do not bother trying to find out which is the safest but bother trying to get the most effective with the longest effect time and without doubt that tadacip will be that drug.