Vardenafil HCL – The Best Treatment for Male Sexual Impotence

Male sexual impotence is not having the ability to have penile erection which is used for sexual intercourse.  The reason why men cannot have sexual intercourse when their penis does not get hard is that it does not have the strength for vaginal penetration.  Male sexual impotence is also known as erectile dysfunction (ED).

There are actually three types of erectile dysfunction in terms of severity.  The first is the total inability to show any type of erection, the second one has the ability to gain penile erection but not long enough to last the duration of a sexual intercourse, and the third is the ability to gain penile erection but not hard or stiff enough to permit vaginal penetration.

When it comes to male penile erectile conditions, the best treatment is usually the use of PDE5 inhibitor drugs such as vardenafil.  Vardenafil is among the three big names when it comes to ED treatment.  The normal dose often given with vardenafil is 10mg with the highest dose being vardenafil hcl.  The truth is there are a lot of men with erectile issues who turn to vardenafil for their ED treatment because they consider this medication to be the most effective.  Well, they are not wrong.   After all, vardenafil, under clinical studies is the most effective ED drug because it has the highest efficacy among all other drugs.

Since vardenafil is a prescription medication, it is only proper that you consult a doctor before buying this drug.  This not only helps in getting the right amount of dosage that you will be taking, but it also helps to narrow down the possible cause of your erectile condition.  If your doctor has prescribed you with vardenafil hcl, make sure to take vardenafil hcl and not anything lower.  Oftentimes, doctors take in a lot of factors and considerations when they prescribe you with the necessary dose they believe should be your proper dosage.  If you think that the dose of vardenafil hcl is too much, make sure not to make any dosage adjustments on your own.  Instead, get yourself re-assessed, but this time, make sure that you disclose everything with your doctor, including your past medical conditions, the medications you are taking, and if you are taking any forms of illicit drugs.  By doing this procedure or re-consultation greatly helps in the proper re-adjustment of your dosage.

If you are taking vardenafil hcl or other dosage, it is important that you do not take any nitrate medications along with this drug.  This is because taking both of them together can cause hypotension, a condition of low blood pressure which can be very dangerous or even fatal if no immediate medical intervention is carried out.  This is why it is necessary to divulge any medications you are taking with the doctor who has prescribed you with vardenafil hcl.  In fact, this is true for all other PDE5 inhibitor drugs as they all share the same type of interaction against nitrate drugs.