Vardenafil – Helping You with Your ED Problem

Erectile dysfunction or simply ED is a worst case scenario for every man who is sexually active.  This is because if they have the ED condition, they will not be able to successfully perform sexual intercourse with their partners as their penis does not become hard enough or does not have enough strength to permit vaginal penetration.  This in essence practically makes them less of a man than they used to be.

The truth is no man will ever be proud that he has erectile dysfunction.  Most men that have this condition are embarrassed about it and some will not even tell a soul that they have it as they are really truly ashamed of it.  There are even times that such a condition changes a man’s attitude as he either becomes shy when it comes to sexual relationships, or he becomes rather violent over simple things.

ED is actually not a rare condition as there are over a hundred million men all over the world who suffers from it with varying severity.  ED has actually three forms of severity – the total and complete inability to have an erection, the capacity to have an erection but one that is not hard enough for vaginal penetration, and the capacity to have an erection but one that does not last the length of the sexual intercourse.

For most men, erection starts with a sexual stimuli or sexual arousal.  This can be in the form of touch, sight, or imagination.  In the presence of these stimuli, normal men will feel an erectile response whether they choose to or not.  However, if a man suffers from erectile dysfunction, even if he chooses to, he will not get an erection no matter how much sexual stimulus is given to them.

It is somewhat fortunate for men who suffer from ED these days as there are now effective medications that can help them alleviate their condition, even if it is just for a moment.  ED treatment drugs like vardenafil are now in the mainstream of ED treatment because they are able to effectively treat ED issues.  The highest dose for this drug is vardenafil 20mg.  There are actually lower doses than vardenafil 20mg, but if your doctor has prescribed you with vardenafil 20mg, make sure that you only the vardenafil 20mg dose and not any other dose.  Make sure to never lower or increase your dosage even if you feel that the dose given to you is inadequate or too much.  Should the vardenafil 20mg given to you be really a concern, consult your doctor again for reassessment.  It is possible that he may have missed out on the diagnosis or you did not disclose all the needed information your physician needed to know.

Keep in mind that you only need to take one vardenafil 20mg dose per day and never more than that.  Consuming more than one vardenafil 20mg on a given day may risk you of overdose which may cause you serious and irreparable injuries, particularly with your sexual organ.  Always make sure that you only take one dose of vardenafil 20mg per day.