What is the Best HGH Treatment?

HGH products have raved into the market these days due to their promising benefits, especially for bodybuilders and athletes. More and more have become so curious and desperate to experience the amazing effects of these hormones as an anti-aging and performance enhancer substance. However, with so many products available over the internet, you may wonder which of them actually works best in terms of quality and effects.

HGH products come in many forms. These hormones can be taken through injection, oral spray, or supplements. Each of these products has their own benefits as well as drawbacks, although they all provide almost the same benefits. Depending on your needs as well as budget, the choice about which of these work best for you will depend on your own standard and criteria.

Most athletes and bodybuilders usually choose synthetic growth hormones since they believe that these products have faster and more effective results. The claims are actually true because synthetic hormones are directly injected into the blood stream, unlike the oral HGH products which goes through the digestive track. But knowing that these products are synthetic, you may have to risk your health in exchange of its tantalizing benefits. Studies have been conducted to understand the potential risks that a user may acquire when taking injectable growth hormones, especially for long term usage. Some experts believe that the product may cause acromelagy, abnormal functions of the thyroid and liver, diabetes, and increase the risk of cancer. Moreover, since the hormones are synthetic, your body will eventually stop the production of natural growth hormones which will have negative effects on your overall health. Synthetic growth hormones are also very costly, around thousands of dollars every month. Therefore, before you can decide to commit on this kind of therapy, you have to be sure that you are financially capable.

Oral sprays are also becoming a popular option among many HGH users. HGH sprays, when in terms of cost and effectiveness, are actually somewhere in between when compared with synthetic hormones and supplements. However, since they are not directly injected into the blood stream, most of the substance will go through the digestive track, a process which is almost the same as the supplements. Oral sprays are directly applied by spraying the product through the mouth to reap the benefits.

Among the products mentioned above, HGH supplements are the most convenient product in terms of the quality and price. HGH releasers are directly taken by mouth in a form of pill, so you won’t have to suffer adverse side effects since they are absorbed through the digestive track instead through the blood stream. Supplements are also safer than injectable HGH products. Why? Because they are not synthetic. Instead, they work through your body by stimulating your pituitary gland to produce natural growth hormones just enough for your body’s needs. If budget is an issue to you, HGH releasers can be your best option because they are the cheapest. Not only are they loaded with natural herbs but also essential nutrients to keep you healthy and active throughout the day.

So, which of the HGH treatments available are the best? The choice will be left to you, the user, depending on your own criteria and level of satisfaction.